K-12 CS Pathways For School Districts

To provide high quality CS education to all students that meets RIDE's RI State CS Education Standards, Districts need to implement comprehensive, cohesive, consistient, computer science education in each of grades K-12. The standards cover six concepts across grade band levels (K-5,6-8,9-12):

  • Computation Thinking & Programming
  • Computing Systems & Networking
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data & Analysis
  • Digital Literacy
  • Responsible Computing in Society

A single robotics course, for example, covers only a very small subset of the standards - actual CS courses are needed. Furthermore, starting to teach CS in high school is not sufficient. We teach math and reading starting in kindergarten. CS education needs to start in elementary school and be consistently, cohesively, and comprehensively done in all grade bands.

CS4RI has been using a process called SCRIPT to work with school Districts, including providing funding, to establish comprehensive, cohesive, consistient K-12 CS pathways and District-wide CS implementation plans. See the CS4RI Standards Implementation page for details on this on-going effort.

The URI/Code.org professional development and curriculum listed on the the left navigation bar of this site establishes a comprehensive, cohesive, consistient, CS pathway for Districts, shown in the digagram to the right, that meets the RI CS Education Standards.

For questions about URI/Code.org Curriculum and PD, contact urics.k12@gmail.com