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The curriculum provided below is the recommended and supported curriculum for the 2020/21 school year.

This course is eligible for URI concurrent enrollment for CSC101 (4 credits). Teachers trained in 2017/18 or later may offer this course for concurrent enrollment credit.

2020 Updates to Curriculum

RI Teachers Trained prior to 2020:

Access the 2019/20 Curriculum

Review 2020 Lesson Changes

Note that the following curriculum was updated in July 2020. If you were trained prior to 2020, you can find the 2019/20 curriculum here. You may use the previous or current (updated) curriculum if you were trained prior to 2020, but please note that older versions of the curriculum will not be supported in 2021/22. If you were trained in 2020 or later, you must use the most updated version.

See the 2020 change documentation for updates to the previous curriculum.

Use the Course Manual for help navigating course resources.

Optional Unit: Python Programming
(18 weeks)