Intro to Computing and Data Science Course

Grades 9-11 (URI college credit avaliable for students)

Intro To Computing and Data Science (ICDS) is a one semester course for all students (not just those interested in computer science as a career) that introduces computer programming in an engaging, fun, creative way and provides the computational thinking skills of programming, algorithm development, simulation and data analysis that can be used in other classes, such as NGSS science classes. This a great augmentation to, or replacement for, an existing technology credit course at your school!

This ICDS course can earn students (who elect to do so) 4 URI college credits through the URI CS Concurrent Enrollment Program

Through its partnership with CS4RI, URI is providing free curriculum material and teacher professional development training for high school teachers to implement this course.

For more information on URI's Intro to Computing and Data Science trainings, contact