Inclusive Teaching in CS Professional Development

URI Provides Professional Development that prepares a certified teacher to incorporate Inclusive Teaching in CS practices in a computer science classroom.

  • The PD makes no assumptions about the background of the teacher, except that they are are willing to learn.
  • The PD is targeted to middle and high school CS teachers, other educators may inquire about about participating.
  • A stipend of $1000 from a federal grant will be provided by URI to each educator who completes all PD training requirements. This is while funds last - we recommend attending the November training if possible.
  • The cost of PD is $500 per participant paid to URI by the school/District/teacher (the training cost is not covered by the federal grant, just the teacher stipend is covered due to the nature of the grant funding).
  • Seats are limiited and PD sessions will be closed when the maximum is reached.

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2020/21 PD Schedule:

URI is offering three seperate sections of this PD training for the 2020-21 school year. Each is comprised of a six week online course.

Topic Date Time Where
[FULL] Inclusive Teaching in CS - Section 1 Sept 21 - Oct 30, 2020Asynchronous Online
[FULL] Inclusive Teaching in CS - Section 2 Nov 1 - Dec 15, 2020 Asynchronous Online
[Available!] Inclusive Teaching in CS - Section 3 Jan 15 - Feb 28, 2021 Asynchronous Online

Meeting dates/times are subject to change - please check this page for updates.