Inclusive Teaching In Computer Science Change The World - Hour of Code

K-12 Computer Science education has typically inadequately served under-represented groups such as women, racial/ethnic minorities, multi-lingual learners, and students with disabilities. This professional development (PD) training aims to provide resources and supports that will allow teachers to build a CS classroom where all students have the ability to thrive.

This six week, online, asynchronous PD course will cover topics including implicit bias, the current state of tech, advocating for social justice, inclusive pedagogy, and strategies for recruitment and retainment of under-representred groups. Educators will work together to understand complex/difficult topics, challenge their implicit biases, understand systems of injustice and oppression that affect CS education, and build a community so that they are not isolated in their struggles with implementing equitable and quality CS education for their students.

This professional development is not for academic credit, but does typically count for teacher continuing education units. It makes no assumptions about the background of the teacher, except that they are willing to learn. It is targeted to middle and high school CS teachers, other educators may inquire about about participating.

For questions about URIs Inclusive Teaching In CS training, contact