Intro to Computing and Data Science - Curriculum Support Forum

After the 2016/17 pilot year, we revised and reorganized some portions of the curriculum (see a summary of changes). All of the 2016/2017 units are still available to use from the 2016/17 version of the course. The curriculum provided below is the recommended and supported curriculum for the 2017/18 school year.

Use the Course Manual for help navigating course resources.

Unit 1: Programming and Simulation
(6 weeks)

Optional Unit: Python Programming
(18 weeks)

Lesson 1: Introduction To Programming In Python

Lesson 2: Python Strings

Lesson 3: Python Conditionals

Lesson 4: Python Functions

Lesson 5: Python Lists, Dictionaries, Loops

Lesson 6: Python Data Files

Lesson 7: Python Data Cleaning

Lesson 8: Python Visualizations

Optional: Practice With Python.