AP CSP Curriculum (2017/18) Support Forum

URI Trained AP CSP Teachers:

URI is transitioning to provide PD training and support for Code.org's AP CS Principles program, beginning in school year 2018/19. This means that going forward, PD for AP CSP will now use Code.org's CS Principles curriculum instead of URI's AP CSP curriculum.

URI Curriculum Still Supported

Teachers who received URI's AP CSP training in 2016/17 and/or 2017/18 are encouraged to apply for the Code.org 2018/19 CS Principles PD opportunity, however, URI's original AP CSP curriculum will continue to be supported during this transition period.

If you are not ready to (or not able to) participate in the 2018/19 Code.org CS Principles PD opportunity - that's okay! The URI AP CSP curriculum will remain supported throughout the 2018/19 school year.

In Summer 2019, URI will host a Code.org CS Principles PD (held in Rhode Island) for the 2019/20 school year (at which time the URI curriculum will no longer be supported).

Support and Training Timeline:

School Year: 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20
PD Training: URI AP CSP Code.org CS Principles (held nationally - travel required) Code.org CS Principles (held in Rhode Island)
Curriculum Support: URI AP CSP URI AP CSP and
Code.org CS Principles
Code.org CS Principles

For questions on the AP CSP curriculum transition, please contact urics.k12@gmail.com

URI's AP CSP Course Outline

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Unit 1: Computing Innovations
Unit 2: Data Representation
Unit 3: Computational Artifacts
Unit 4: Computing Systems
Unit 5: Data Identification, Collection, and Analysis
Unit 6: AP Explore Performance Task (Impact of Innovation)
Unit 7: Javascript Programming
Unit 8: Algorithms
Unit 9: AP Create Performance Task (Programming)
Unit 10: AP CSP Exam
Unit 11: More Javascript Programming
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