4-Year High School Curriculum Outline

Grade 9 - Computing Concepts

This course focuses on these “big ideas” in computer science: Creativity, Abstraction, The Internet, Data, and The Impact of Computing. It teaches computing concepts such as: binary data, big data and data science, and computing systems. It teaches skills such as: image manipulation; video editing; finding, cleaning, and analyzing big data sets; and web programming in HTML and CSS.

Grade 10 - Introduction To Programming and JavaScript

This course teaches students to program assuming that they have never programmed before. It uses three Khan Academy classes: Intro to JavaScript Drawing and Animation, HTML/JavaScript Making Web Pages Interactive, and HTML/JS Making Web Pages Interactive With JQuery. Students are prepared to take the JavaScript and JQuery W3C certification tests.

Grade 9 or 10 - Intro To Data Science Programming (optional ½ year course)

This is a 9th or 10th grade one semester course for all students (not just those interested in computer science as a career) that introduces computer programming in an engaging, fun, creative way and provides the computational thinking skills of programming, algorithm development, and data analysis that can be used in other classes, such as NGSS science classes. It is taught at URI as CSC201 Intro To Data Science. It is being taught in RI high schools as a half year “Intro To Computing” class.

Grade 11 - App Programming

This course teaches students to program mobile apps both for Android and for Apple (iOS). The students learn basic Java, which is also good for enterprise programming and college prep. They then learn to program Android apps in Java and iOS apps in Swift. App Inventor uses (free) materials from appinventor.org, Java uses (free) materials from CodeAcademy, Android and Swift programming uses (free) materials from Udacity.

Grade 11 - Web Programming

This course teaches server-side web programming in PhP, SQL, XML, and AJAX.

Grade 12 - Professional Software Development

This course teaches students project management and software engineering. They specify, build, and market a software product (app or website).

4 Year Curriculum Diagram 4 Year Curriculum Diagram

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